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Famous Women in History

Famous Women in History

Women have always played an important role in society and have greatly influenced history. Since ancient times women have been leaders of groups of people, maintained peace, inspired wars, made discoveries and changed the lives of others. To come up with a comprehensive list of all women that have shaped our world would be impossible, but here are some great names that should not be forgotten:

Cleopatra - A great leader who served as the last active pharaoh of Egypt.

Boudicca - As inspirational Briton leader who led several tribes in a revolution against the Romans.

Joan of Arc - She became France's patron saint after leading France to victory at a young age of only 17.

Queen Isabella of Spain - Patron to Christopher Columbus, her influence made his discovery of America possible.

Marie Curie - Discovered radioactivity and radium. She was the first woman to have won a Nobel Prize

Anne Frank - Hardly a woman yet, this young writer became the world's most famous victim of the Holocaust. Her diary left one of the most complete accounts of what life was like for the Jews while hiding from the Germans.

Susan B. Anthony - The first woman to attempt to vote in the U.S. who was arrested for fighting for this right.

Mother Theresa - A global icon for helping the poor. Her Missionary of Charities organization helped thousands of people in Calcutta who were sick and dying.

Rosa Parks - Her refusal to give up a bus seat sparked protests in that finally led to the abolishment of racial segregation in America