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Why did the USA ever test nukes on their own soil?

Why did the USA ever test nukes on their own soil?

I've recently read about these atom bomb tests that frequently occurred semi-near Las Vegas, which people flocked to. Even if they didn't understand the risks at the time, isn't it a serious problem to blast some stretch of land repeatedly with huge explosions?

Didn't they begin the nuclear tests far away from home on some remote islands or something? Why ever bring it "home"? Why not keep making the tests far away? Why take the risk that maybe there is something unforeseen about the a-bombs?

Perhaps you are not familiar with the US West? Even today (and more so in the 1940s & 50s) there are places where you can be miles and miles (substitute km if desired) away from anything much other than sagebrush and rattlesnakes. The tests were conducted in such locations. (Note that Las Vegas wasn't much of a place in those days, either.)

OTOH, those "remote islands" were mostly populated. When later H-bomb tests were conducted there, the military had to remove the populations from them, in addition to the logistical problems of transporting the bombs, monitoring equipment, and support staff. See e.g. Bikini Atoll.

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